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waltercoreyemoVite’s founder, Dr. Walter Corey, is the inspiration behind the Emotional Profiling System (EPS) and its application to essential oils. Walter’s research originally focused on leadership development and identification of the traits necessary to be successful as a leader. First deployed in military settings, Walter expanded his research and successfully tested the underlying technology of the EPS across multiple ages, occupations, levels of education and ethnicity. This research has now been applied to the detection of strong emotional markers in our everyday lives and linked to the power of essential oils to help us to enhance balance.

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katz50[su_testimonial name=”Steven Katz, M.D., DLFAPA, FACPsych” photo=”https://emovite.vitalityadvocates.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/49/2015/12/Katz50.jpg” company=”Dr. Steven Katz is the former commissioner of mental health for the State of New York.”]”For the past five years, I have followed the progress of the EPS technology through its various applications with young adults from conflict regions mid-level, cross service officers at the Naval War College USN SEALS employees of a major American corporation patients in the process of hospital discharge from two American hospitals athletes, amateur and professional. In each instance, I have reviewed the data and have been impressed with the effectiveness of the EPS technology. On the basis of its compelling past performance, I am confident the EPS will produce emotional profiles of value to all who use essential oils for emotional release.” [/su_testimonial]

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